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24MP-PanoVu-camera-mercury1The quality of your security system depends largely on the quality of the cameras you are using, and we at Mercury Security Distribution believe that it is worth researching this decision thoroughly if you are to create the best possible system for your site.

The new 24MP PanoVu camera from Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, brings you panoramic views, superior image quality at night and easy installation. This camera is a game-changer in the world of security surveillance, and we’re delighted that our partnership enables us to bring it to you.

Why Choose The 24MP PanoVu Camera?

Creating a cost effective technical set up is all about maximising the potential of your investment and getting the most for your money. This camera offers features that make it a truly efficient option, including:

  • Four 6MP lenses, each taking separate images. These images are stitched together to create one panoramic image with one stream. This offers impressive coverage of 180 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically, making it an ideal option for outdoor locations such as car parks, stadiums and public squares.
  • A multiple window display allows you to view the output efficiently, with five separate and customisable windows to enhance the display of the whole area. Specifications demonstrate that with a 5.5mm lens, detail such as a license plate or a human face can be seen with clarity from a distance of 20 metres. This is very useful in large areas, where monitoring and tracking is hampered by limited viewing angles.
  • Images are enhanced by a wide-angled IR light, which covers the full 180 degree range, even in darkness, and allows details to be picked out in colour at 50 metres.
  • Combined technologies enable security personnel to effectively, via the same camera, track the flow of people in the area and recognise license plates. This is an excellent piece of kit that can save you time and money, making it much easier to manage the areas you are responsible for. Particularly effective in high traffic areas such as airports and train stations, this camera is also idea for monitoring critical infrastructure, such as public buildings and perimeter security.
  • Designed to integrate with the Turbo HD 4.0 product range, the PanoVu supports HikVision’s unique H.265+ codec, which vastly improves upon previous encoding efficiency, as well as reducing bandwidth requirements by up to 75% compared to H.264. This means that you can store twice as much video footage in the same storage space as in comparable predecessors.
  • Easy installation is always a plus for end users and installers, and this camera offers various installation types and accessories to enable flawless integration.

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