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Hikvision Wifi Doorbell

Do you need a solution for a business that incorporates several locations or struggles with missing customers or clients due to other demands? The new wifi doorbell from Hikvision is designed to combat this problem, allowing you to communicate and connect with customers or colleagues even when you are not physically there to answer the door.

If you’ve ever wished you could allow access to your property or an outbuilding remotely, this is the solution for you. The time and energy saving nature of this device will be appreciated by anyone who has more than one building or storage unit to manage.

At Mercury Security Distribution, we partner with Hikvision because we believe in bringing practical and effective security solutions such as this to you.

Could Your Business Benefit From The Hikvision Wifi Doorbell?

The Hikvision Wifi doorbell from Hikvision is not just a doorbell but a means of connecting to your visitors remotely, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to grow your business. You can select from four different coloured housings so that all the little details work well for your business, and you can streamline your working environment with ease. Here’s how:

  • A visitor to your office or storage unit will press the doorbell and you, as the user, will be instantly alerted and able to connect and speak to them or activate alarms through the Hik-Connect app on a smartphone.
  • You will be able to see a 180 degree view of your premises, with noise suppression and echo cancellation technology that allows you to communicate clearly with your visitor, allowing access if desired.
  • The wifi doorbell features motion detection and voice prompt support, even enabling an alarm on the user’s app when motion is detected. It also has a useful recording function, that saves data to SD card storage, and this can help to keep your premises safer.
  • You can install the Wifi doorbell easily at any location of your choice, including businesses or small shops that have unmanned entrances for deliveries or visitors, as well as homes and healthcare settings. It is likely that such systems will be useful in healthcare facilities, since there is often a need to communicate with emergency patients at all times of the day and night.

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