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What do you want from your video surveillance system? If you’re seeking an intelligent and powerful system that can be used across a wide range of security and management settings you’ll be keen to try the new DeepinView IP Camera Series from Hikvision.

Hikvision were the first to release Deep Learning NVRs, and this new release builds on this technology. Critics are already impressed with the deeper programming potential of these cameras, and the excellent and consistent VCA performance. Improved analytics allow for savings on manpower costs, and offer the same great performance that we have become accustomed to seeing from Hikvision.

Features Of The New DeepinView Camera Series

Hikvision are recognised within the security industry as a brand leading supplier of innovative solutions, and here at Mercury Security Distribution, we are an official supplier of these great products. We’re delighted to bring you this new series of cameras, which feature:

•    Human body detection. If you are impressed with Hikvision’s deep learning technology, you’ll love the way these cameras can detect human bodies and filter out objects and movements that are not relevant within a scene. This cuts wasted time and manpower checking false alarms and is especially helpful for perimeter protection.

•    Facial recognition. Facial recognition technology is useful across many settings, perhaps the most obvious of which are casinos and sports venues. Here, facial image modelling and similarity calculation can alert security staff to blacklisted individuals.

•    Vehicle management. Any setting that involves vehicles, such as public and private car parks and roads, can immediately benefit from the traffic monitoring and Automatic Number Plate Recognition analytics this camera series employs. Vehicles with listed registration plates can be identified and granted access to certain car parks automatically, and cameras can capture traffic violations and illegal movements, improving safety for other drivers and members of the public.

•    People counting. Gathering and analysing visitor information enables businesses such as public venues, stores and attractions to raise profitably and improve site management. Locations such as these, as well as car parks, can benefit from the people counting video analytics that track the number of people coming into and out of specific locations, monitoring numbers for health and safety regulations and giving useful business data.

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