HKC is an Irish developer of electronic security products, including wired, hybrid, and wireless security control panels; it is also a manufacturer of communicators, keypads, internal sounders, external sounders, detectors, personal safety devices and power supplies. Trusted by installers and specifiers, HKC has a growing presence in the UK market, where it has rapidly become a trusted brand delivering high quality, value for money, intruder alarm products. Its brands include the SecureWatch range of wired control panels, and the SecureWave two-way wireless technology platform.

The HKC range of equipment is designed by engineers for engineers. It is easy to install and uses a consistent menu structure through all the panel ranges. Approved HKC Installers will have access to free training and both field and telephone technical support is available

Features include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and Easy to use
  • Keypad Audio – Voice notification of each zone i.e. ‘Alarm Kitchen Side Door’.
  • Keypad Audio – Voice notification of system faults such as mains and telephone failures.
  • Full range of intruder and life safety devices
  • Friends and Family – Text Messaging and Speech Dialler on-board.
  • Police Response – Digital Communicator on board
  • User Alerts – receive alerts from users at home and at work
  • Complete Wireless Solution – No Wires, No Mess
  • System can be part set e.g. perimeter while at home.
  • Life Protection Devices
  • Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • All detectors have on-board sirens
  • One activates all – Detectors are linked together via RF.
  • Secure Unset
  • Extra security with RF Fobs by using pin code, In case dropped, stolen or accidently pushed
  • Personal protection – Duress Button on Key Fob
  • Home Automation
  • Control the Security System and Outputs via GSM unit (Outputs only available on SW 1070 & SW 20140)