Setup Hikvision ANPR 

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Setup Hik Connect

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Hikvision Device Forgotten Password Reset Using SADP Tool

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1005KI USB Keyboard Issue

How to solve the 1005KI USB keyboard not recognised by win10 pro issue 21-Oct-2019 Issue description / phenomenon: When inserting the USB keyboard into the windows 10 Pro OS PC, you may fail to listen the connecting sound “ding”, and you cannot use it to control PTZ via 4200/Hik-centeral. But the keyboard icon is there under the device management mage. Root reason: After an win10 pro security update, the operation system recognised the device as a wrong type, thus it uses the wrong driver to boot it up, we need manually change the driver as a USB input device driver.

Fix for DS-1005KI Joystick on Windows 10 Pro