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SmartCell is the newly developed “smart” fire system designed for smaller properties and SME’s.

With “EMS” technology inside, SmartCell provides big system features, benefits and protection in a compact, yet powerful system, that supports up to 64 fire devices. Using next generation wireless technology, SmartCell is a connected system that allows users and service companies full remote access and diagnostics using an optional “on board” communications module. Any activity on SmartCell can be transmitted by text or email, almost instantaneously giving up to the minute information on what’s happening in the protected building.

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SmartCell Setup Series

The FireCell fire detection platform was developed and engineered in the UK to meet the introduction of EN54-25 pan European standard.

Using the EMS ethos of excellence, FireCell has become the first choice whenever wireless or hybrid technology is deployed. From a few devices, up to multiple control panels wirelessly networked, FireCell is flexible, scalable as well as being easy to install, commission and service.

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